TBA 2018

London, UK

What it’s all about?

Tumour Models London returns in its 6th year and takes a reinvigorated approach towards closing the translational gap between predictable preclinical validation and successful clinical development. Learn how industry leaders are harnessing next generation in vitro and in vivo techniques to better predict efficacy and toxicity into the clinic; and fast track suitable drug candidates by effectively and accurately mimicking the tumour microenvironment.

Discover innovative ways in which the industry is developing humanised mice and generating preclinical data, to advance immunotherapies across the translational gap. Translate learnings not only from preclinical data packages of new candidates, but by retrospectively analysing clinical trial data to create robust and informative preclinical models that improve translational decision making.

As 2017 comes to a close, join the most trusted and assured meeting dedicated to help you predict the clinical outcome of your drug candidates more accurately through the effective application of well characterised and predictable preclinical models.

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Who can you expect to meet?

With the explosion of cancer immunotherapies, we bring together leading Pharma, Biotech and Academia to spark discussion on preclinical data-driven case studies.

Where to find more information?

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