5-7 December 2017

London, UK

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Interview with: Bruno Gomes, Director of Tumour Immunology, iTeos Therapeutics

“I would like to challenge the classical preclinical pathway and identify new and innovative development paths.”

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Interview with: Laure Humbert, Senior Scientist, Preclinical Biology, Immunocore

“Understanding the underlying biology behind a drug and its mechanism of action is key to determining the value of an in vivo model”

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Jax Lab Thumb

White Paper from Jackson Lab

Humanized NSG™ Mice for Immuno-Oncology

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 Bruno Speaker Interview

Interview with: Bruno Gomes, Senior Project Leader, iTeos Therapeutics

‘For the first-in-class programs we have to characterize and/or de-risk the safety and the mechanism of action of the target, therefore humanized mouse models could really be of great interest.’

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 Key Takeaways


Key Takeaways from Tumor Models Boston 2014

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 Biggest Challenges

“What would you say are the biggest challenges?”

Discover the answers to this and a whole range of other questions from a selection of our speakers

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