4-6 December 2018

London, UK

Workshop A
4th December, 2018

09.00 - 12.00
Using Translational Modelling to Evaluate Preclinical Tumour Models

Discovery and development of cancer treatments (e.g. radiotherapy, chemotherapy, cell-directed targeted therapy, immune therapy) require PK/PD modelling for robust experimental design and unambiguous data interpretation.

This short course will introduce how translational PK/PD modeling for chemotherapy and cell-directed targeted therapy can be used to relate preclinical data with clinical response. We will also discuss the basics of PK/PD modelling that are relevant to evaluating novel immuno-oncology treatments. It will help attendees to learn about dose selection, estimation of therapeutic window, and translational sciences based on PK/PD modeling.

  •  How do we defne the quantitative relationship between preclinical efficacy and clinical activity for these treatments?
  • Is it possible to set minimum preclinical efficacy criteria to qualify a novel treatment for clinical success?
  • How to apply translational modelling framework to best support drug projects? Where does it add value?
  • Which ideas can be borrowed to support immuno-oncology projects?

Workshop Leader

Tao You
PK/PD Modeller & Data Scientist
Beyond Consulting Ltd

Workshop B
4th December, 2018

13.00 - 16.00
Humanised Mice Models as a Translational Tool for Immuno-Onocology

Recent breakthroughs involving humanized mice have elevated the translational quality of these models within preclinical research.  As such these models have become highly relevant for fundamental research to understand the function of the human immune system and in assessing cancer immunology and immunotherapies.

This workshop will explore the different strategies of immune system humanization in mice as well as to review challenges, insights, and future directions for mouse and humanized models within oncology.

Topics to be covered:

  • State of the art of humanized mice
  • Immune reactivity / responses in humanized mice
  • What did we learn from viral infection studies in humanized mice
  • State of the art of humanized mice for studying tumours

Workshop Leader

Roberto Speck
University Hospital of Zurich