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London, UK



INOVOTION is a biotech company which offers you a unique in vivo technology dedicated to anti-cancer treatment evaluations and early toxicity studies.

Our Fast, Sensitive, Reliable and Affordable assay will save you time and money, to give you a clear competitive advantage.

This breaking-thought technology, based on chick embryo, provides early analysis of your treatments before the classical preclinical stages. By eliminating low-value molecules early, INOVOTION accelerates your drug discovery process, increases your R&D productivity and reduces its costs. It’s rapid Go/No Go decision with multi-cancer screening capacities.

This next generation of in vivo efficacy and toxicity tests covers fours main aspects:

  • EFFICACY assays for your anti-cancer treatments
  • EARLY TOXICITY assays for your drug candidates
  • TARGET VALIDATION in oncology
  • MULTI-CANCER SCREENING to (re)positioning your treatment

These accessible tests open really new perspectives of screening for wide variety of project researches.