About the PREDiCT Series

The Hard Reality of Drug Development is a Rising Rate of Attrition and Development Costs

Dedicated to exploring the latest advances in the application of preclinical models, the PREDiCT Event Series is helping to fight back and make inroads in the ‘war on attrition’ by showcasing candidate selection strategies advancing disease-modifying therapies from bench to patient with more confidence.

Focused predominantly on immunogenic, fibrotic, and oncogenic diseases, we connect expert model developers alongside end-users and technology champions from biopharma, to define what’s possible for current and emerging in vitro/in vivo models.

Our disease and model-specific events, reveal effective model characterisation and selection strategies that are better enabling drug candidates to target patient responders, identify safety concerns and robustly translate candidates to the clinic faster.

The core questions to be answered at every PREDiCT: Tumour Models meeting:

1.       What new model and additive technology initiatives are helping biopharma leaders drive translational and early-stage decision making?

2.       How do biopharma leaders balance advances in model complexity and relevance with the cost-per-data-point?

3.     What are the key criteria the leading biotech and pharma use to assess, select and characterise the array of tumour models?


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