Deciphering the Tumour Microenvironment of Follicular Lymphoma Using Multispectral Immunofluorescence & Deep Learning Analysis: Towards the Identification of Novel Immune Cell Phenotypes That Can Facilitate Prognostic Stratification

Time: 5:30 pm
day: Day Two


  • Assess the role of multiplex immunofluoresence in characterising the immune landscape of FL patients
  • Develop a deep learning analysis approach that facilitates identification of: a) novel prognostic relevant immune cell phenotypes; b) patterns of spatially co-localised immune cells that correlate with histological variants and predict overall clinical outcomes and c) immune cell types potential targets for immunotherapy-based treatment
  • Analysis of FL transformed to diffuse large B cell lymphoma to validate the possible clinical and predictive utility of newly identified immune cell subsets and their spacial patterns