Fireside Chat: Food for Thought: What Are the Implications Of Model Characteristics?

Time: 10:00 am
day: Day Two


Inflamaging: Potential Implications of Gender And Age Of Models Compared To Disease

  • How are people modelling the age/sex disparities of disease modalities?
  • The affect of immunological age on the immune response and thereby gaining an understanding of altered disease progression.
  • Why are age and sex underrepresented in the research/not empirically represented?
  • Sharing best practices of successful collaboration between patient groups and industry
  • To what extent does age/sex affect the results: the impacts of menopause on BRAF resistance mechanisms in melanoma following BRAF inhibition, compared to men on testosterone replacement therapy?
  • How do these factors affect clonal haematopoiesis? What implications does that have for translatability