Anita Seshire

Anita Seshire

Company: Merck Healthcare

Job title: Head of Laboratory in Exploratory Cancer Research


Panel Discussion: How to Predict Your Immuno-Modulation & Immuno-Stimulatory Response? 3:00 pm

The potential of using IO, combinational or cell therapy to dial up another biologic to aid in the anti-tumour response. Could this be the next phase of development for immuno-oncology and what are the potential limitations of this approach? This panel will discuss: Methods of stimulating/dialling up a biologic Understanding of the differences between alternate…Read more

day: Day Two

Fireside Chat: Cutting Cancer Off At The Knees: Analysing the Preclinical Potential of Reprogramming/Repolarising Pro-Tumour Immune Cells 5:30 pm

The aggression of tumours is hugely linked with tumour survival mechanisms resulting in high-grade tumours. Assessing the implication of suppressor cells on the progression of tumours. Tumour-associated macrophages (TAMs) make up around 50% of the solid mass in a variety of human solid cancers (e.g., lung, breast and pancreatic) which are polarised into the M2…Read more

day: Day One

The Ying & Yang Of The Tumour & The TME: Biological Perspective 3:10 pm

Gaining insight into the cross-talk between different cells in the TME and the tumour to gain an understanding of tumour pathophysiology Verifying to what extend do those interation have on tumour progression and pathophysiology Exploring the variation of cell subtypes in the TME and how that impacts modelling success Addressing the key challenges facing TME…Read more

day: Day One

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