1st-3rd December 2015


  • Develop and Harness Clinically Relevant Tumour Models

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With the 2014 Tumour Models Summit having been so successful we are already planning the 2015 Summit.

Tumour Models London 2015 will allow you to improve the translatability  of your preclinical oncology research by harnessing clinically relevant and humanized tumor modelling platforms to robustly validate efficacy and de-risk later stage clinical trials. Ensure oncology drug developers equip themselves with the right toolbox of models to advance newly discovered therapies into clinical trials full confidence. [Read More…]

“This meeting highlighted top level presentations to give the audience a full spectrum of where people are using tumor models, where the challenges exist and what some of the current strategies to overcome these challenges are.” – Molecular Imaging

“A very enjoyable meeting. Very interesting to hear how other companies are using in vivo models and their thought processes”
- Sanofi