Past Featured Speakers

  • Norman GreenbergVP, Research & Development MedImmune

  • John MarshallLab Head & Reader in Tumour Biology Barts Cancer Institute

  • Ralph GraeserAssociate Director Janssen Pharmaceuticals

  • Robert ShawAssociate Director, Statistics AstraZeneca

Improved preclinical models. Clinically relevant predictions. Confidence in candidate progression. A transformed oncology pipeline.

“Excellent Tumor Models meeting that was very well attended. Great program, speakers and panelists, which made for productive discussions, networking and exchange of ideas”

The 3rd Annual Tumour Models London is a premier networking, interactive and solution-led conference to assist pre-clinical oncologists and tumour model developers innovate to make more clinically relevant predictions and improve the translational success of candidates into human clinical trials.

This is a meeting where attendees discover industry-defining information, effective pre-clinical strategies and expand their network to achieve effective analysis and interpretation of data derived from tumour models. 

Through interactive formats and leading case studies, Tumour Models London will ensure you:

  • Develop a cutting edge understanding for developing bespoke tumour models 
  • Make more clinically relevant predictions that are truly representative of patient outcomes
  • Revolutionise your pre-clinical approach with cost-effective bespoke tumour models
  • Improve cross-collaboration between pre-clinical and clinical research
  • Improve translational success through early identification of clinically relevant biomarkers
  • Minimise late stage clinical attrition with more accurate pre-clinical data and observations
  • Improve the development of immune-oncology agents by selecting immunologically relevant in-vivo models
  • Improve the interpretation of data from your tumour models to progress candidates down the pipeline

Success within the tumour models field centres around effective collaboration and the sharing of scientific best practice. As such, gone are the days of repetitive powerpoint presentations as the Tumour Models London agenda promotes interaction and audience engagement via:

  • Keynote interviews & formal debates
  • Question Time panel discussions
  • Breakout Roundtables
  • Practical Workshops
  • Mastermind Sessions
  • Crowdsourcing Concept Boards
  • Fast-paced Slide-Free Case Studies
  • Formal Networking Lunches
  • Speakers corner