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Accelerating your Product’s Journey from Lab to Patient,
with Improved Model Platforms

The past year has seen many immunotherapies as monotherapies and combination regimes gain FDA and EMA approval, particularly in targeting solid and rarer tumour types. Alongside this, the FDA Modernization Act 2.0 passing has also brought huge excitement to the field, inspiring preclinical and translational tumour model experts to continue pushing to improve success rates in the clinic.

At the 12th Annual Tumour Models London Summit, attendees gained practical insights into the latest updates through 20+ case studies that empowered candidate selection workflows. They learned from and met pioneers in preclinical and translational oncology accelerating their product’s journey from lab to patient with optimized translatability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness!

A Snapshot of 2023:

Tumour Models 1
Tumour Models 2
Tumour Models 3
Tumour Models 4
Tumour Models 5

AstraZeneca, Ichnos Science, Breakpoint Therapeutics, and more reveal their model selection criteria dependent on cancer type to enable you to streamline your model selection process

Unravel the complexities of modelling the tumour microenvironment to empower combination therapy studies with Marc van Dijk, Chief Scientific Officer, MiNK Therapeutics

Candel Therapeutics demonstrates techniques to engineer mouse models to efficiently study oncolytic viruses/CAR-T combination therapy

Explore bone marrow microphysiological systems to optimise dosing regimens and predict clinical outcomes with Kainat Khan, Associate Director, Oncology Safety Science, AstraZeneca

Prokarium uncovers strategies for effective collaborations with CROs to develop tumour models for immunotherapy studies

2023 Speakers Included:

Adam Drake

Head of In Vivo Pharmacology

Ichnos Science

Anna Erkstam

Chief Executive Officer


Christophe Boudesco

Associate Research Director of Translational Research


Francesca Barone

Chief Scientific Officer

Candel Therapeutics

Kainat Khan

Associate Director


David Gomez Jimenez


Alligator Bioscience

Jonathan Hollick

Managing Director and Head of Research

Breakpoint Therapeutics

Livija Deban

Chief Scientific Officer


Marc van Dijk

Chief Scientific Officer

MiNK Therapeutics

Tomasz Grabowski

Head, Preclinical Development

JJP Biologics

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