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Expertise Partner: The Jackson Laboratory

The Jackson Laboratory is a leading provider of cancer mouse models and in vivo oncology services and a National Cancer Institute designated Cancer Center. Drawing on decades of research experience we provide capabilities around model selection, husbandry and customizable oncology studies to help clients and researchers evaluate novel anti-cancer therapies. Our diverse oncology study protocols range from traditional xenograft services to PDX cancer models and advanced humanized mouse models for immuno-oncology drug development.



Expertise Partner: Genoway

For the past 20 years, genOway has aimed to improve the predictability and reliability of preclinical data by designing models of high physiological relevancy to best meet researchers’ needs. With a catalog of humanized immune checkpoint mouse models, and mice featuring the human immune system, genOway possesses a broad set of tools to help decipher the mechanism of action as well as the efficacy and safety of drugs targeting the immune system. Additionally, genOway owns strong intellectual property rights, combining patents and licensing agreements, enabling the company to provide end users the necessary freedom to operate.


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Expertise Partner: Imagen

Imagen was founded by two ex-AstraZeneca cell-biologists, leaders in the field of high content screening who pioneered research in systems biology and applications in personalised medicine. Imagen’s vision of developing an accurate method of modelling cancer tumours in the lab culminated with the development of the predictRx platform. To date we’ve modelled over 150,000 patient treatments. Together with experienced industry entrepreneurs, Imagen has grown to become a global provider of services to the pharmaceutical drug development industry through the launch of the predictTx platform.


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Expertise Partner: GemPharmatech

GemPharmatech Co., Ltd. is a leading company in China to provide high-quality animal model resources and services for biomedical community as well as pharmaceutical companies. Based on more than 16 years’ practice in laboratory animals of the former entity, GemPharmatech has the vision and is striving to become one of the best one-stop service center for production, distribution, and phenotyping of gene-modified mouse models for partners all across the world.


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Expertise Partner: Studylog

Studylog’s Animal Study Workflow Software® is designed for biomedical animal research and provides features for the design, planning, execution, analysis, and reporting of animal studies in a standardized, highly efficient manner, while protecting data integrity. Reducing many labs’ study-related labor by half, Studylog automates and streamlines the entire animal study process, making it easier, faster and cheaper, so researchers have more time and resources to get their job done.


Expertise Partner: Miltenyi Biotec

Miltenyi Biotec provides products that advance biomedical research and cellular therapy. Our innovative tools support research from basic research to translational research to clinical application. Our 30 years of expertise includes immunology, stem cell biology, neuroscience, and cancer. Miltenyi Biotec has 2,500 employees in 28 countries.


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Expertise Partner: INOVOTION

INOVOTION is a Contract Research Laboratory implementing a unique approach to In vivo evaluation of anti-cancer drug discovery including Immuno-oncology. Our cutting-edge proprietary technology base on human xenograft in an immunocompetent model allows to select the best-in-class compounds. By eliminating low value molecules early, INOVOTION accelerates your drug discovery process and significantly reduces its costs. INOVOTION propose a complete set of assays dedicated to early In vivo EFFICACY and TOXICITY evaluation.


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Expertise Partner: Crown Bioscience

Crown Bioscience is a cutting-edge translational technology company providing drug discovery and preclinical development services in the areas of oncology, immunology, inflammation, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease. We bring clarity to drug discovery and enable clients around the world to deliver superior clinical candidates. Our premier translational platforms for cancer, inflammation, and metabolic disease help our clients accelerate their new drug development programs.


Spotlight Partner

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Spotlight Partner: Reaction Biology Europe 

Reaction Biology Europe is a leading contract research organization for discovery of conventional and immune-modulating drugs in oncology. As an innovation driver in the area of immuno- oncology, we will introduce SubQPerior, an implantation method to overcome common issues such as heterogeneity and ulceration in subcutaneous tumor models. We have partnered with Reaction Biology, an early-stage drug discovery CRO, to provide our customers with a full suite of services for targeted and phenotypic drug discovery approaches. Let’s discover together.



Spotlight Partner: Labcorp

Labcorp is a leading global life sciences company that provides vital information
to help doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, researchers and patients make clear and confident decisions. Through our unparalleled diagnostics and drug development capabilities, we provide insights and accelerate innovations to improve health and improve live.

Learn more about and Labcorp at www.Labcorp.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @Labcorp

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Spotlight Partner: Certis Oncology Solutions

Certis Oncology Solutions is a life science technology company committed to realizing the promise of precision oncology. Our product is “Oncology Intelligence™”—highly predictive therapeutic response data derived from advanced biological models of cancer. Our proprietary platform informs individual treatment decisions and accelerates the development of new cancer therapies. We partner with therapeutics developers to help close the problematic translation gap between preclinical studies and clinical trials. Through more clinically relevant, well-characterized and annotated models, advanced imaging technology and thoughtfully designed studies, Certis brings greater certainty to go/no-go development decisions



Spotlight Partner: Scientist.com

Founded in 2007, Scientist.com is the world's leading and fastest-growing marketplace for outsourced scientific services and products. The marketplace saves time and money and provides access to innovation while maintaining compliance with an organization’s procurement policies. Scientist.com operates private marketplaces for most of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies, over 100 biotechs and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). The marketplace features 3,900+ registered suppliers offering more than 4,000 research areas across multiple industries



Spotlight Partner: resistanceBio


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Exhibition Partner: Vilber


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