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The 12th Tumour Models London Summit 2023

The Tumour Models London Summit stands out was the only industry-led meeting dedicated to preclinical and translational oncology, with real-world case studies that empower attendess to accelerate product’s journey from lab to patient with optimized translatability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

With the FDA Modernization Act 2.0 enabling non-animal models to be integrated into drug pipelines, newer models emerging and more immunotherapies as monotherapy and combinations gaining approval, the tumour model space is energized with excitement. As the industry continues to grow, the need for more clarity on best practice also increases to ensure you don’t fall behind.

The 12th annual event returned to London in 2023 to provide an update on tumour model advancements, and how they can complement existing models to increase clinical confidence and clinical relevancy.

With brand new content covering tumour biology over to candidate selection, here’s what was exciting in 2023

  • Drug Developers and Academics- Free Attendance: to support your translational study and pipeline progression, and offer you the opportunity to meet model providers to select the right platforms and hence, drug developers and researchers were eligible for complimentary passes
  • Gain high-level insights into newer models: Attendees Delved into strategies to accurately recapitulate tumour heterogeneity and tumour microenvironment from PDX, zebrafish models to organoid models
  • Networking: Attendees had the unique opportunity to exchange challenges, inspire solutions with leading industry experts across dedicated speed-networking sessions as well as assess the latest technologies over the last 12 months
  • Novel topics: Attendees dived into brand-new insights modelling rarer and harder-to-model cancer types through to leveraging computational approaches to accurately predict safety outcomes
  • Form meaningful partnerships:  Attendees Met and networked with selected CROs, model developers and academics to hear their latest platforms that will optimize their workflows

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