Partnership Opportunities

Our Tumour Models community members are eager to partner with model developers & CROs, RNA-sequencers, imaging experts, 3D bioprinting enthusiasts, immunoassay specialists and bioinformatic software champions who can help them invigorate their drug discovery and development with confidence.

After 2 years of virtual meetings, this is your opportunity to reconnect with your fellow colleagues face-to-face and expand your network with key preclinical and translational decision-makers across the UK and Europe.

Can your platform or service help boost their clinical confidence to provide predictive data and ultimately help them get the best medicine for the patient? If so, we would love to hear from you!

Why Partner?


Engage, network, and foster your long-term relationships with Preclinical Immuno-Oncology Leaders from pharma majors and biotechs


Showcase your pioneering solutions and expertise to differentiate yourself from other service providers in front of our expertly selected audience


Assess the latest market intelligence to align your services with your customers' needs


Gain invaluable insight to where the markets developing needs are, thereby allowing you to

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