Tumour Models London  was the best opportunity and comprehensive way to know the current models, techniques and how to use them in non-clinical development projects. 

Director, Preclinical Development, Apogenix GmbH, PREDiCT Series Attendee

A nice opportunity to meet and interact with actors of preclinical immuno-oncology research.
Director, Preclinical Research. ImCheck Therapeutics, PREDiCT Series Attendee

It was a great experience and journey across new models to understand the tumour microenvironment and amazing new techniques to image. There were true novelties in the field and helpful service providers.
Head of Laboratory in Exploratory Cancer Research, Translational Innovation Platform Oncology, Merck & Co, PREDiCT Series Attendee

I was impressed by the huge progress in creating new oncology models
Senior Scientist, OncoArendi Therapeutics, PREDiCT Series Attendee

An excellent conference to get up to speed on current approaches around pre-clinical tumour models. 

Senior Principal Scientist, UCB Celltech, PREDiCT Series Attendee

It was a good sized meeting with a lot of relevant people and I learned a lot.
Principal Scientist, BioTherapeutics, LifeArc, PREDiCT Series Attendee

The conference was very informative. I especially enjoyed the pre-conference workshops. I learned a great deal about the pros and cons of the models used for immunotherapy
Senior Director, Immunology, Calvert Laboratories Inc., PREDiCT Series Attendee

This was an excellent conference and an excellent forum to network with others working at the cutting edge of cancer research.
Senior Principal, Scientist, Cancer Research Technology, PREDiCT Series Attendee

The meeting was informative, a good size and with good networking opportunities.
Preclinical Manager, e-Therapeutics, PREDiCT Series Attendee

It was a truly inspiring conference with great scientific discussions and networking. I gained insight in addition to the publicly available knowledge.
Head of Laboratory, Merck, PREDiCT Series Attendee