Maximise Your Preclinical Model Toolbox by Leveraging Lessons Learned to Confidently Guide Your IO Clinical Decisions


The 10th PREDiCT: Tumour Models London Summit is returning online this December and is bringing together a community of preclinical and translational scientists with a common goal: narrowing the preclinical gap and progressing efficacious candidates to the clinic.

With the immuno-oncology field constantly evolving and the large breadth of novel therapeutics emerging, it's vital to stay up-to-date on the advances to improve predictability and translatability in models of disease. Delve into how different models are being applied to understand the interactions in the tumour micro-environment, explore resistance mechanisms, effectively translate efficacy, and closer predict in-human effects.

Join us online this December to:

    • Empower your model toolbox to drive comprehensive and robust data to boost your translational confidence
    • Recapitulate the human environment to produce more predictive models, narrow the preclinical gap and guide clinical decisions
    • Explore advances in humanised mice, SEMMs, PDX, GEMMs, complex organoids and more
    • Deep dive into the latest approaches for personalised medicine in IO to understand which method suits your study and ultimately provide the best medicine for the patient
    • Effectively translate efficacy to drive clinical success and invigorate your pipeline

From early discovery to the early clinic, our packed schedule across 3-days will give you a comprehensive view of how leading biopharma and expert academics are progressing their IO, targeted and combination therapeutics.

Our World Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

This Year's Attendees Include:

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