Engineering Your Next Generation Tumour Models to Maximise Immuno-Oncology & Cellular Therapies Clinical Success


With next generation of complex immuno-oncology candidates, preclinical and translational scientists in the IO space are in need for more predictive tumour models to improve clinical translatability, accelerating speed-to-clinic with confidence.

We are excited to finally reunite this community in December at 11th PREDiCT: Tumour Models London Summit to address the critical next step of narrowing the preclinical gap and progressing efficacious candidates to the clinic.

This much-anticipated in-person meeting will unite 120+ pioneers to help you:

  • Benchmark against peers’ in vivo and in vitro model selection strategy for novel IO, in conjunction with NK and macrophages interaction with TME, to maximise translatability
  • Evaluate and compare next generation tumour models for TME, cell-cell interaction, immune response and drug response to guide clinical design and patient selection
  • Accelerate off-the-shelf humanised and PDX model development for NK, allogenic cell therapies
  • Rigorously test, characterise, validate novel cancer models to support adoption and ensure quality control in preclinical studies
  • Engage with leading academics and CROs to drive long-term partnerships and fuel model innovations

This is your must-attend tumour model summit to reconnect with fellows from Pfizer, Sanofi, GSK, and propel your clinical progression with confidence in 2023!

Our World Class Speaker Faculty Includes:

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