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6th Annual PREDiCT 3D Tissue Models Summit

Tune your Preclinical Outcomes to Fast-Track Oncology Therapeutics into Clinic through Enhanced Model Platforms & Selection Strategy.

Advancing In-vivo and emerging 3D/ex-vivo platforms, for comprehensive study of efficacy, safety, and immune response.


This year, the PREDiCT: 9th Tumour Models Londonwill unite Preclinical and Translational Oncology Scientists to fast-track oncology therapeutics into clinic through enhanced model platforms & selection strategy. In recent times, we have seen the uptake of new preclinical models that boost our understanding of immuno-oncology therapies, as well as emerging 3D platforms for more comprehensive study of target validation and immune response. Reflecting these developments, our 2020 Case Studies Include:

  • Roche discusses what we need for next gen model to enhance predictability & targeting?
  • Sanofi shares a comparison of humanisation of immune system with huCD34+ HSC in different strains of immune-deficient mice (NSG, NSG SGM3, NOG, NOG-EXL)
  • GSK improves the safety predictability of IO modalities with Organ On Chip (OoC) models
  • Dana Faber Cancer institute reveals RNA-sequencing analysis of immunotherapy response in organotypic tumor spheroids
  • Institute of Cancer Research shares the Imaging of PD-L1 in head and neck cancer in response to oncolytic virotherapy

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